Friday, 1 July 2011

Geothermal Energy

PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy to expand work on the electricity market for the mining industry following a company's obligation in that area to build processing plants that generally require 100 MW-200 MW electricity.
Geothermal EnergyPGE CEO Poernomo said that under Presidential Decree No.45/1991 is allowed to sell products Pertamina geothermal to other parties outside the state electricity company PT. PGE, he said, could use the decree to sell geothermal energy to others in point to point without going through PLN's transmission and distribution networks.

GeothermalAccording to him, the expansion can be directed to specific industries because it is still a gap distance between the location of geothermal development and industry. Mining, he said, is still the only industry that is suitable for geothermal electricity consumption.

Geothermal Energy1"It's mining industry needs a large-scale electricity, can be 100 MW-200 MW. During this time, in addition to getting electricity from PLN their own wake. But if for example we could capture that opportunity why not? "He said today.

He explained that PGE has compiled a road map of long-term business development company, one of which mentions the expansion plan. However, he refused to reveal which companies have already expressed interest or have been targeted by PGE to the electric consumers.

"[Expansion plans] It exists, but is linked to corporate strategy and we can not disclose at this time. If it is realized we will build geothermal power plants from upstream to downstream, as already exist in Kamojang IV, then Ulubelu, and Lumut Balai, "he said.

Electricity demand for the mining industry will increase with the implementation of Law No.4/2010 on Minerals and Coal which requires investors to build processing plants in the country. One unit of Feni III nickel processing plant owned by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk, for example, requires electricity with a capacity of 102 MW.

Related prices, he said, PGE can implement tariff schemes in business to business (b to b). He pointed out if the price of electricity from PGE to PLN set the highest of U.S. $ 0.097 per kWh, the company can sell to industrial consumers of U.S. $ 0.11 per kWh.

"If you sell to PLN's no element of subsidy and is not possible also we sell at high prices because it is connected to the state budget. However, for industrial consumers hope we can get off the electricity price of U.S. $ 0.11-US $ 0.12 per kWh, "he said.

However, Abadi said the expansion plans will not reduce the company's commitment to supply electricity to PLN. Currently, he said, efforts are still focused on PGE electricity needs, including through a 10,000 MW Phase II program.

"Opportunity should continue to be created and worked well because as a business entity, we must also look for profit. But, for now we are going to focus first overcome Shortage electricity, "he said.

Recently, Abadi said the company is committed to explore 33 new geothermal wells at an estimated investment of U.S. $ 250 million. That number increased almost two fold compared to the realization last year reached U.S. $ 130 million with 23 exploration wells.

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