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UK carbon offset schemes failing to reduce emissions

Expansion of carbon offsetting and clean development mechanism is locking developing nations into a high-carbon path, report warns

Britain is the world centre of a multibillion dollar "carbon offset" industry which is failing to lower global greenhouse gas emissions, a major report from Friends of the Earth claimed today.

The authors urged governments meeting this week in Bonn for UN climate change talks to drop plans to expand offsetting schemes, which allow rich countries to invest in projects that reduce emissions in poor countries as an alternative to more expensive emission reductions in their own countries.

Offsetting is set to expand enormously if the 192 governments meeting in Bonn allow forests, nuclear power and other sources of "clean energy" to count towards emissions reductions as part of a UN climate treaty expected to be agreed in Copenhagen this December..

The problem, said the report, is that offset schemes are delivering much lower greenhouse gas cuts than the science says are needed to avoid catstrophic climate change. Offsetting supports the idea that the cuts can be made in either rich or in poor countries " ... when it is clear that action is needed in both," said the report. "Offsets are a dangerous distraction ... It is almost impossible to prove that offsetting projects would not have happened without the offset finance. Nor is it possible to calculate accurately how much carbon a project is saving," it added.

Offsetting has been promoted heavily by the UK government in Europe and the UN as a painless way of reducing global emissions. The idea has mushroomed in the last five years with the rapid growth of the UN's clean development mechanism (CDM) which attracts investment money to poorer countries in new projects. These are expected to deliver more than half of the EU's planned carbon reductions to 2020.

"The clean development mechanism is supposed to be a way of making the same level of carbon cuts as would otherwise happen, but more cost effectively. At best it shifts a cut in a developed country to one in a developing one. In practice, it does not even do this," said Andy Atkins, executive director of Friends of the Earth UK.

Moreover, said the report, the CDM is locking in poor countries to a high-carbon path, with some big CDM projects approved for even major fossil fuel power stations. "A large part of CDM revenues are subsidising carbon intensive industries or projects building fossil fuel power stations."

Two previous analyses of the CDM suggested that companies routinely abuse the UN-backed offsetting scheme, wasting billions of pounds.

The UK government has already used offsetting as a way to justify high carbon investments in major projects like the expansion of Heathrow, it said. "Offsetting makes it far more likely that developed countries will continue on a high-carbon path, choosing to buy cheap permits rather than invest in low-carbon infrastructure," said the report's authors.

Nearly 30% of the world's 2,500 CDM projects originate in London, although not all the projects offset UK emissions.

Ward Churchill on the Liquidation of Natives in the Americas

I have recently read a book written by Ward Churchill titled ‘a little matter of Genocide’ in which he fairly decently documents the liquidation of the Indians in the Americas. His book answers a lot of questions.

I had long since reached the conclusion that the Indian population in North America could easily have reached 100,000,000 based on the apparent level of their agricultural technology. Ward Churchill comes up with a similar number, from a different direction although I do not think he quite believes it either.

So we have a couple of question. One is obvious. If not, why not? Part of the answer may be an incomplete distribution of the technology, particularly that of the Amazonian Terra Preta. We could use that technology today to pack all six billion of us into the Amazon today. The real answer was a lack of broader political structures which also stifled Africa and Eurasia for that matter.

The only problem is that argument cuts the population back quite a bit but we are or should be facing tens of millions and hundreds of thousands all over the place. Early reports say exactly that.

The second question is simply how we got rid of them. Now the answer becomes too easy. You simply force the settled populations out of their lands and into the woods were only a handful could actually survive.

A raiding party goes into a tribe’s land, cut down the opposing warriors; capture a few for the slave ships, while most of the population disappears into the woods. You then burn out all the storage and housing and destroy the crops. Then you go home. Next spring you come in with settlers to grab the land and chase off any survivors.

This was genocide as practiced sooner or later in North America and under the Spaniards and Portuguese. It was intended and well understood. Disease vectors occurred also and sped ahead of the outright clearing of the population. It just was not as sure as clearing. This all happened one step ahead of any actual mitigating power such as the church or army and like the Nazis, it was handled by specialists.

The present Indian population is now recovering both in numbers and somewhat in terms of their culture. They are certainly recovering in terms of morale and will be in time proud members of the global civilization that is slowly emerging.

One does not have to forgive George Washington in order to be proud of one’s country.

Crimes Against Humanity ©

by Ward Churchill


This article was originally written as an official paper of the Autonomous Confederation - American Indian Movement. It was passed along to me by AIM Colorado...a member of the Autonomous Confederation.

During the past couple of seasons, there has been an increasing wave of controversy regarding the names of professional sports teams like the Atlanta "Braves," Cleveland "Indians," Washington "Redskins," and Kansas City "Chiefs." The issue extends to the names of college teams like Florida State University "seminoles," University of Illinois "Fighting Illini," and so on, right on down to high school outfits like the Lamar (Colorado) "Savages." Also involved have been team adoption of "mascots," replete with feathers, buckskins, beads, spears and "warpaint" (some fans have opted to adorn themselves in the same fashion), and nifty little "pep" gestures like the "Indian Chant" and "Tomahawk Chop."

A substantial number of American Indians have protested that use of native names, images and symbols as sports team mascots and the like is, by definition, a virulently racist practice. Given the historical relationship between Indians and non-Indians during what has been called the "Conquest of America," American Indian Movement leader (and American Indian Anti-Defamation Council founder) Russell Means has compared the practice to contemporary Germans naming their soccer teams the "Jews," Hebrews," and "Yids," while adorning their uniforms with grotesque caricatures of Jewish faces taken from the Nazis' anti-Semetic propoganda of the 1930's. Numerous demonstrations have occurred in conjunction with games - most notably during the November 15, 1992 match-up between the Chiefs and Redskins in Kansas City - by angry Indians and their supporters.

In response, a number of players - especially African Americans and other minority athletes - have been trotted out by professional team owners like Ted Turner, as well as university and public school officials, to announce that they mean not to insult but to honor native people. They have been joined by the television networks and most major newspapers, all of which have editorialized that Indian discomfort with the situation is "no big deal," insisting that the whole things is just "good, clean fun."

The country needs more such fun, they've argued, and a "few disgruntled Native Americans" have no right to undermine the nation's enjoyment of it's leisure time by complaining. This is especially the case, some have argued, "in hard times like these." It has even been contended that Indian outrage at being systematically degraded - rather than the degradation itself - creates "a serious barrier to the sort of intergroup communication so necessary in a multicultural society such as ours."

Okay. let's communicate. We are frankly dubious that those advancing such positions really believe their own rhetoric but, just for the sake of argument, let's accept the premise that they are sincere. If what they say is true, then isn't it time we spread such "inoffensiveness" and "good cheer" around among all the groups so that everybody can participate equally in fostering the national round of laughs they call for? Sure it is - the country can't have too much fun or "intergroup" involvement - so the more, the merrier. Simple consistency demands that anyone who thinks the Tomahawk Chop is a swell pastime must be just as hearty in their endorsement of the following ideas - by the logic used to defend the defamation of American Indians - should help us all really start yukking it up.

First, as a counterpart to the Redskins, we need an NFL team called "Niggers" to honor Afro-Americans. Half-time festivities for fans might include a simulated stewing of the opposing coach in a large pot while players and cheerleaders dance around it, garbed in leopard skins and wearing fake bones in their noses. This concept obviously goes along with the kind of gaiety attending the Chop, but also with the actions of the Kansas Chiefs, whose team members - prominently including black members - lately appeared on a poster ,looking "fierce" and "savage" by way of wearing Indian regalia. Just a bit of harmless "morale boosting," says the Chief's front office. You bet.

So that the newly-formed Niggers sports club won't end up too out of sync while expressing the "spirit" and "identity" of Afro-Americans in the above fashion, a baseball franchise - let's call this one the "Sambos" - should be formed. How about a basketball team called the "spearchuckers/" A hockey team called the "Jungle Bunnies/" Maybe the "essence of these teams could be depicted by images of tiny black faces adorned with huge pairs of lips. The players could appear on TV every week or so gnawing on chicken legs and spitting watermelon seeds at one another. Catchy, eh? Well, there's "nothing to be upset about," according to those who love wearing "war bonnets" to the Super Bowl or having "Chief Illiniwik" dance around the sports arenas of Urbana, Illinois.

And why stop there? There are plenty of other groups to include. "Hispanics?" They can be "represented" by the Galveston "Greasers" and the San Diego "Spics," at least until the Wisconsin "Wetbacks" and Baltimore "Beaners" get off the ground. Asian Americans? How about the "slopes," "Dinks," "Gooks," and "Zipperheads?" Owners of the latter teams might get their logo ideas from editorial page cartoons printed in the nation's newspapers during World War II: slanteyes, buck teeth, big glasses, but nothing racially insulting or derogatory, according to the editors and artists involved at the time. Indeed, this Second World War-vintage stuff can be seen as just another barrel of laughs at least by what current editors say are their "local standards" concerning American Indians.

Let's see. Who's been left out Teams like the Kansas City "Kikes," Hanover "Honkies," San Leandro "Shylock," Daytona "Dagos," and Pittsburg "Polacks" will fill a certain social void among white folk. Have a religious belief? Let's all go for the gusto and gear up the Milwaukee "Mackeral Snappers" and Hollywood "Holy Rollers." The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame can be rechristened the "Drunken Irish" or "Papist Pigs." Issues of gender and sexual preference can be addressed through creation of teams like the St. Louis "Sluts," Boston "Bimbos," Detroit "Dykes," and the Fresno "Fags." How about the Gainsville "Gimps" and the richmond "Retards," so the physically and mentally impaired won't be excluded from our fun and games?

Now, don't go getting "overly sensitive" out there. None of this is dreaming or insulting, at least not when it's being done to Indians. Just ask the folks who are doing it, or their apologists like Andy Rooney in the national media. They'll tell you - as in fact they have been telling you - that there's no been no harm done, regardless of what their victims think, feel, or say. The situation is exactly the same as when those with precisely the same mentality used to insist that Step 'n' Fetchit was okay, or Rochester on the Jack Benny show, or Amos and Andy, Charlie Chan, the Frito Bandito, or any other cutesy symbols making up the lexicon of American racism. Have we communicated yet? Let's get just a little bit real here. The notion of "fun" embodied in rituals like the Tomahawk Chop must be understood for what it is. There's not a single non-Indian example used above which can be considered socially acceptable in even the most marginal sense. The reasons are obvious enough. So why is it different where American Indians are concerned? One can only conclude that, in contrast to the other groups at issue, Indians are (falsely) perceived as being too few, and therefore too weak, to defend themselves effectively against racist and otherwise offensive behavior.

Fortunately, there are some glimmers of hope. A few teams and their fans have gotten the message and have responded appropriately. Stanford University, which opted to drop the name "Indians" from, has experienced no resulting drop in attendance. Meanwhile, the local newspaper in Portland, Oregon recently decided its long-standing editorial policy prohibiting use of racial epithets should include derogatory teams names. The Redskins, for instance, are now referred to as "the Washington team," and will continued to be described in this way until the franchise adopts an inoffensive moniker (newspaper sales in Portland have suffered no decline as a result). Such examples are to be applauded and encouraged. They stand as figurative beacons in the night, proving beyond all doubt that it is quite possible to indulge in the pleasure of athletics without accepting blatant racism into the bargain.

Nuremburg Precedents

On October 16, 1946, a man named Julius Stricher mounted the steps of a gallows. Moments later he was dead, the sentence of an international tribunal composed of representatives of the United States, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union having been imposed. Streicher's body was then cremated, and - so horrendous were his crimes thought to have been - his ashes dumped into an unspecified German river so that "no one should ever know a particular place to go for reasons of mourning his memory."

Julius Streicher had been convicted at Nuremberg, Germany of what were termed "Crimes Against Humanity." The lead prosecutor in his case Justice Robert Jackson of the United States Supreme Court had not argued that the defendant had killed anyone, nor that he had personally committed any especially violent act. Nor was it contended that Streicher had held any particularly important position in the German government during the period in which the so called Third Reich had exterminated some 6,000,000 Jews, as well as several million Gypsies, Poles, Slavs, homosexuals, and other untermenschen (subhumans).

The sole offense for which the accused was ordered put to death was in having served as publisher/editor of a Bavarian tabloid entitled Der Sturmer during the early-to-mid 1930s, years before the Nazi genocide actually began. In this capacity, he had penned a long series of virulently anti-Semetic editorials and ''news."

Stories, usually accompanied by cartoons and other images graphically depicting Jews in extraordinarily derogatory fashion. This, the prosecution asserted, had done much to "dehumanize" the targets of his distortion in the mind of the German public. In turn, such dehumanization had made it possible or at least easier for average Germans to later indulge in the outright liquidation of Jewish "vermin." The tribunal agreed, holding that Streicher was therefore complicit in genocide and deserving of death by hanging.

During his remarks to the Nuremburg tribunal, Justice Jackson observed that, in implementing its sentences, the participating powers were morally and legally binding themselves to adhere forever after to the same standards of conduct that were being applied to Streicher and the other Nazi leaders. In the alternative, he said, the victorious allies would have committed "pure murder' at Nuremberg no different in substance from that carried out by those they presumed to judge rather than establishing the "permanent benchmark for justice" which was intended.

Yet in the United States of Robert Jackson, the indigenous American Indian population had already been reduced, in a process which is ongoing to this day, from perhaps 12.5 million in the year 1500 to fewer than 250,000 by the beginning of the 20th century. This was accomplished, according to official sources, "largely through the cruelty of Euro American settlers," and an informal but clear governmental policy which had made it an articulated goal to "exterminate these red vermin" or at least whole segments of them.

Bounties had been placed on the scalps of Indians any Indians in places as diverse as Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, the Dakotas, Oregon, and California and had been maintained until resident Indian populations were decimated or disappeared altogether. Entire peoples such as the Cherokee had been reduced to half their size through a policy of forced removal from their homelands east of the Mississippi River to what were then considered less preferable areas in the West.

Others, such as the Navajo, suffered the same fate while under military guard for years on end. The United States Army had also perpetrated a long series of wholesale massacres of Indians at places like Horseshoe Bend, Bear River, Sand Creek, the Washita River, the Marias River, Camp Robinson and Wounded Knee.

Through it all, hundreds of popular novels - each competing with the next to make Indians appear more grotesque, menacing, and inhuman - were sold in the tens of millions of copies in the U.S. Plainly, the Euro American public was being conditioned to see Indians in such a way so as to allow their eradication to continue. And continue it did until the Manifest Destiny of the U.S a direct precursor to what Hitler would subsequently call Lebensraumpolitik (the politics of living space) was consummated.

By 1900, the national project of "clearing" Native Americans from their land and replacing them with "superior" Anglo American settlers was complete; the indigenous population had been reduced by as much as 98 percent while approximately 97.5 percent of their original territory had ''passed'' to the invaders. The survivors had been concentrated, out of sight and mind of the public, on scattered "reservations," all of them under the self-assigned "plenary" (full) power of the federal government. There was, of course, no Nuremberg-style tribunal passing judgment on those who had fostered such circumstances in North America. No U.S. official or private citizen was ever imprisoned never mind hanged for implementing or propagandizing what had been done. Nor had the process of genocide afflicting Indians been completed. Instead, it merely changed form.

Between the 1880s and the 1980s, nearly half of all Native American children were coercively transferred from their own families, communities, and cultures to those of the conquering society. This was done through compulsory attendance at remote boarding schools, often hundreds of miles from their homes, where native children were kept for years on end while being systematically '"deculturated" (indoctrinated to think and act in the manner of Euro Americans rather than as Indians). It was also accomplished through a pervasive foster home and adoption program including - blind adoptions, where children would be permanently denied information as to who they were/are and where they'd come from - placing native youths in non-Indian homes.

The express purpose of all this was to facilitate a U.S. governmental policy to bring about the "assimilation" (dissolution) of indigenous societies. In other words, Indian cultures as such were to be caused to disappear. Such policy objectives are directly contrary to the United Nations 1948 Convention on Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide, an element of international law arising from the Nuremburg proceedings. The forced "transfer of the children" of a targeted "racial, ethnical, or religious group" is explicitly prohibited as a genocidal activity under the Convention's second article.

Article II of the Genocide Convention also expressly prohibits involuntary sterilization as a means of ''preventing births among" a targeted population. Yet, in 1975, it was conceded by the U.S. government that its Indian Health Service (IHS) then a subpart of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), was even then conducting a secret program of involuntary sterilization that had affected approximately 40 percent of all Indian women. The program was allegedly discontinued, and the IHS was transferred to the Public Health Service, but no one was punished. In 1990, it came out that the IHS was inoculating, Inuit children in Alaska with Hepatitis-B vaccine. The vaccine had already been banned by the World Health Organization as having demonstrated a correlation with the HIV-Syndrome which is itself correlated to AIDS. As this is written [March, 1993], a "field test" of Hepatitis-A vaccine, also HIV-correlated, is being conducted on Indian reservations in the northern plains region.

The Genocide Convention makes it a crime against "humanity" to create conditions leading to the destruction of an identifiable human group, as such. Yet the BIA has utilized the government's plenary prerogatives to negotiate mineral leases "on behalf of" Indian peoples paying a fraction of standard royalty rates. The result has been "super profits" for a number of preferred U.S. corporations. Meanwhile, Indians, whose reservations ironically turned out to be in some of the most mineral-rich areas of North America, which makes us, the nominally wealthiest segment of the continent's population, live in dire poverty.

By the government's own data in the mid-1980s, Indians received the lowest annual and lifetime per capita incomes of any aggregate population group in the United States. Concomitantly, we suffer the highest rate of infant mortality, death by exposure and malnutrition, disease, and the like. Under such circumstances, alcoholism and other escapist forms of substance abuse are endemic in the Indian community, a situation which leads both to a general physical debilitation of the population and a catastrophic accident rate. Teen suicide among Indians is several times the national average

The average life expectancy of a reservation-based Native American man is barely 45 years; women can expect to live less than three years longer.

Such itemizations could be continued at great length, including matters like the radioactive contamination of large portions of contemporary Indian Country, the forced relocation of traditional Navajos, and so on. But the point should be made: Genocide, as defined in international law, is a continuing fact of day-to-day life (and death) for North America's native peoples. Yet there has been and is only the barest flicker of public concern about or even consciousness of, this reality. Absent any serious expression of public outrage, no one is punished and the process continues.
A salient reason for public acquiescence before the ongoing holocaust in Native North America has been a continuation of the popular legacy, often through more effective media. Since 1925, Hollywood has released more than 2,000 films, many of them rerun frequently on television, portraying Indians as strange, perverted, ridiculous, and often dangerous things of the past. Moreover, we are habitually presented to mass audiences one-dimensionally, devoid of recognizable human motivations and emotions: Indians thus serve as props, little more. We have thus been thoroughly and systematically dehumanized.

Nor is this the extent of it. Everywhere we are used as logos, as mascots, as jokes: "Big Chief" writing tablets, "Red Man" chewing tobacco, "Winnebago," campers., "Navajo" and "Cherokee" and "Pontiac" and "Cadillac" pickups and automobiles. There are the Cleveland "Indians," the Kansas City "Chiefs," the Atlanta "Braves" and the Washington "Redskins" professional sports teams not to mention those in thousands of colleges, high schools, and elementary schools across the country each with their own degrading caricatures and parodies of Indians and or things Indian. Pop fiction continues in the same vein including an unending stream of New Age manuals purporting to expose the inner works of indigenous spirituality in everything from pseudo-philosophical to do-it-yourself styles. Blond yuppies from Beverly Hills amble about the country claiming to be reincarnated 17th century Cheyenne Ushamans ready to perform previously secret ceremonies.

In effect, a concerted, sustained, and in some ways accelerating effort has gone into making Indians unreal. It is thus of obvious importance that the American public begin to think about the implications of such things the next time they witness a gaggle of face-painted and war-bonneted buffoons doing the "Tomahawk Chop" at a baseball or football game. It is necessary that they think about the implications of the grade-school teacher adorning their child in turkey feathers to commemorate Thanksgiving. Think about the significance of John Wayne or Charleston Heston killing a dozen "savages" with a single bullet the next time a western comes on TV. Think about why Land-o-Lakes finds it appropriate to market its butter with the stereotyped image of an "Indian princess" on the wrapper. Think about what it means when non-lndian academics profess as they often do to "know more about Indians than Indians do themselves." Think about the significance of charlatans like Carlos Castaneda and Jamake Highwater and Mary Summer Rain and Lynn Andrews churning out "Indian" bestsellers one after the other,while Indians typically can't get into print.

Think about the real situation of American Indians. Think about Julius Streicher. Remember Justice Jackson's admonition. Understand that the treatment of Indians in American popular culture is not "cute'' or "amusing," or just "good, clean fun."

Know that it causes real pain and real suffering to real people. Know that it threatens our very survival. And know that this is just as much a crime against humanity as anything the Nazis ever did. It is likely the indigenous people of the United States will never demand that those guilty of such criminal activity be punished for their deeds. But the least we have to expect - indeed to demand is that such practices finally be brought to a halt.

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Updating the Global Middle Class

This item is a fresh reminder of the shear power of the S curve. Largely everyone on the Globe today is actually on the curve at some point or another. A huge mass of Chinesse are entering the full acceleration phase and will create a huge internal demand. The same is also true for India and possibly now Brazil.

There is one practical effect. The supply excess US currency denominated credit out there will be sponged up far faster than anticipated and the damage caused by the first global financial crisis will be quickly repaired outside the USA.

It is noteworthy that foreign investors are now focused on resources because of this. The world needs a number of huge copper mines to be commissioned. Little of that will also flow into the US because the states are mostly viewed unfriendly to mining at all. To start with, most lands are still managed under the original 1877 mining law and is a huge problem. The rest of the world has mostly learned to welcome major mining companies, not least because artisan miners pay no taxes and massively damage the environment.

An inevitable billion man middle class will need a ten fold increase in raw material availability.

AUGUST 11, 2010

The Emerging Middle Class in Developing Countries by Homi Kharas of the Brookings Institute Middle class definition used is those spending $10-100 per day. Some interesting things to notice is that the projection is for the world economy to get to 200 trillion in 2005 dollars by 2036 up from about 70 trillion now. Asia will be over half of the world economy. North America will go from about 26% now to about 12%, which will be the same as central and south America. By 2024-2030, the dominant share of the middle class economy from India and China and the rest of Asia will established according the Kharas forecast. It would then be a shift from the lower end of the middle class range to the upper part.

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Warning on global warming the gullible

It is not surprising that with all the talk about global warming (GW), which we
was only one of its coldest winter we have had for a long time? Of 2007
Farmers' Almanac, which provides forecasts are accurate to 85%
cold temperatures, up to 20 degrees below seasonal norms (and
almost 40 degrees colder than last winter), in Montana, the Dakotas and parts of Wyoming. For the Gulf Coast through New England,
unusually cold shower, "the conditions are to be expected. Snow,
much of it is also for the belly of the nation, part of the new forecast
England and the mountains of the northwestern Pacific. "The Great Lakes
and Ohio River Valley is the only area to be spared the extreme cold,
Shows Sandi Duncan, editor in chief, "but that does not mean that this area
not without significant snowfall and cold periods. "

Wonder why they did not get the message!

Recently we had a 11-year-old who literally in tears
to discuss progress for the GW fear in the school. The
Child argues that "If the world ends, why worry about something
but sat with my family? "

Any natural disaster takes place these days, the GW is due.
Many world leaders to accept as GW, the truth of the Gospel. A recent survey
showed that 33% of Americans see GW as a real threat to our
exist. TV shows such as Discovery "Planet Earth" are strong,
large pieces of propaganda for the agenda of GW.

A question of faith

Recently read news item: "Global Warming is not on human health
Contribution of carbon dioxide. "Dr. Tim Ball is the Chairman of the
Natural Resources Stewardship Project, a Victoria-based
Environmental consultant and former professor of climatology at the
University of Winnipeg. 02/05/2007 In an article entitled "Global
Warming: The cold, hard facts? "Ball writes:" Global Warming, as
We think we do not know. And I'm not alone in trying to
to open our eyes to the truth ... see only a few listen, despite the fact
the fact that I am one of the first Canadian Ph.Ds. was in the climatology and
I have extensive experience in climatology, especially the
Reconstruction of past climate and the effects of climate change on
human history and human existence. to hear soon, even if I
a Ph.D. (Doctor of Science), University of London, England
and was a professor of climatology at the University of Winnipeg. For
For some reason (actually for many), not the world is listening. Here is

"... What happen, if we'd been told tomorrow that the earth is flat?

It was probably the most important news in the media
and it would be much discussed. So why is it that when scientists
Who said studying the phenomenon of global warming for years
People are not the cause nobody listens?

"Believe it or not, global warming is not due to human contribution
Carbon dioxide (CO2). In fact, this is the greatest deception in the
History of science. We waste time, energy and trillions of dollars
Creating fear and terror for a problem with
no scientific justification. For example, Environment Canada
about 3.7 billion dollars in U.S. spending in the last five years dealing with climate
almost all on propaganda trying to defend, change an indefensible
scientific position while at the same time closing weather stations
and not achieving the objectives of pollution established by law.

"... To seek the truth, we are lost as individuals and as
Society ... There is no evidence that we are, or ever cause global
Climate change ... How has the world to believe that something
is wrong?

"Perhaps for the same reason we believed 30 years ago, and the world
Cooling was the biggest threat: a matter of faith. "It's a cold fact: the
Global Cooling presents humankind with the most important social
political, and the challenge of adjustment that we have employs ten
thousand years. Their participation in decisions that we on
is extremely important for the survival of ourselves, our children, our
Species, "wrote Lowell Ponte in 1976.

"I was against the threat of impending doom global cooling
Because when I look at the threats to global warming ... Are
to deny the phenomenon has occurred. The world has warmed
Since 1680, the nadir of a cool period called the Little Ice Age that
usually continue until the present. These climatic changes are well
within the natural variability and explained quite easily by changes
Sun, but it's nothing special happened. "

Truth Or ... something else?

GW is a fact? Yes indeed. As Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director
the United Nations Environment Programme, said: "Always
more people around the world are aware that there is climate change.
No one is in doubt. "

But do not buy, any advice from Hollywood "scientists" is generated
such as Alec Baldwin, Leonardo, Tom Hanks, Will Farrell movies like
"The Day After Tomorrow". They took offered by Bate
All ex-Veep-time favorite movie maker and Al Gore
Global warming crusade. More about him coming (be warned).

GW is our fault? No, it is not. Although the European Parliament
called for trade sanctions against the United States if it agrees with
to reduce CO2 emissions, the scientists always talk
For those who say mankind is to blame. Pat climatologist
Michaels of the Cato Institute, said: "Climate change, but hey ...
the climate in the past without people changed with some
to do ... "

When we embrace what environmentalists say, we all believe
Polar ice caps melt and America's coasts will be flooded
shortly. Do not start building an ark yet. When you consider that the North
Pole is a huge block of ice floating in the ocean, because it melts at Summer's
End, this does not mean sea level. Antarctica is the largest ice
the mass of the planet. Experts say that losing the ice.

The temperature of our planet, ranging from a minimum
Invention of the thermometer. They say it was warmer 1000 years ago
If this is the case, but has started cooling. Colonial America was taken over
the last days of the Little Ice Age, some of the deepest snow
and the coldest temperature recorded in the history of North America. Remember
Valley Forge? Jefferson wrote about life in this climate queue
to change. In his book "Notes on Virginia," he wrote, "the snow
used to lie on the ground for months at a time, so now not only
Weeks or days ... "

It was not until 1800. 1816 known as the "year without summer."
Today, some climatologists are worried about other Ice Age
global warming. CBN News reported that "experts
stifled by a worldwide movement to make global warming
Skeptics as evil, even comparing with people, to deny the existence
Holocaust. "

CBN continues: "At least part of the hatred of the left parties in Europe
George Bush is his refusal to the Kyoto Protocol (KP) to sign
Agreement between the industrialized nations to lower carbon dioxide
Emissions as a way to combat global warming. But not all
President Bush's fault - under President Clinton, killed the Senate
Treaty 95 to nothing. But at the 2005 G-8 summit in Scotland, United Kingdom
Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on U.S. President Bush to finally join the
to combat global warming.

Although it was signed symbolically, Bush declared, "America's
should embrace restraint with a bad contract does not read our
Friends and allies as any abdication of responsibility. In contrast,
My government is to provide a leadership role in the question of the committed
Climate change ... Our approach must be consistent with the long-term
Objective of stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. "

It has been said that the reason that the U.S. has not ratified, the agreement is that
In contrast to Europe, we recognize that the Kyoto Protocol to do nothing
measurable global warming. In other words: "G. Dubya 'is not
decreased for the entire GW. According to one estimate, would be a
Difference of only seven hundredths of a degree Celsius, according to a
50 years - an amount too small to measure. The European response
seems to be doing, "At least something!"

Yes, they do something. The Bush Administration
Perspective, they are wasting money that you can use it to invest in
Future technologies, throws himself on solar energy and windmills. This
noted that the biggest proponents of the framework in developed countries
World have the worst economy, most with unemployment in double digits
(The United States is only 4.4%, by the way). Critics say the signing of the Kyoto
Year would take billions of our gross domestic product. New
Technology will replace fossil fuels, unless
Cripple their economies first concepts such as the Kyoto Protocol.

CBN relations, Stephen Milloy, who runs, says
Companies to pressure from environmental activists yielding.
He said: "Global warming pushers go to companies
As a management company to support both the Kyoto Protocol or other
GW provisions. Finally, the development of sufficient political
support companies that start businesses, bold
GW lobbying for restrictions in the U.S. "

An absurd TRICK

"Scientists have an independent obligation to respect and submit
Truth as they see it, "Al Gore calls his film" An Inconvenient Truth. "
Verissimo asks Al to them: "What do world climate experts actually
Thoughts about the science of the film? "

Professor Bob Carter Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James
Cook University, says: "indirect Gore's arguments are so weak
are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film,
Commander of the public attention. "

Carter is to be sure what part of the Gore-sites like small paintings
"Climate change skeptics" who do not agree with the majority
Scientists. "Y'think? In fact, according to Tom Harris, Executive
Natural Resources Stewardship Project Director, is a Carter
Hundreds of highly qualified non-governmental, non-industry, non-lobby
Group climate experts who are against the hypothesis that human emissions
CO2 climate change causing significant overall. By
Harris, "Climate experts" is the operative word here. Why? "Why
What Gore's "majority of scientists" think is immaterial when only a
very small fraction of them actually work in the field of climate change. "

While scientists focus their research on global change everything
Polar bears on Poison Ivy, which are not all as climate
Experts change.

Carter writes: "We used to hear most scientists, the real data
try to understand what nature actually tell us something about the causes and
Extent of global climate change. In this relatively small community,
There is no consensus, regardless of what Gore and others suggest. "
He gives an example of the debate we almost never GW

Carleton University paleoclimatologist Professor Tim Patterson - "There is
is no significant correlation between CO2 and global temperature
About this [time] geology. In fact, when CO2 levels were over ten
times higher than they are now, about 450 million years ago, the planet
was in the bottom of the absolute coldest period in the second half billion
Years ... How can you still believe that the recent relatively small
increased CO2 emissions would be the main cause of the last century
modest warming? "

"Patterson concluded his testimony by explaining what his research and
"Hundreds of other studies show: on all time scales, it is very good
Correlation between the Earth's temperature and natural celestial phenomena
such as changes in the brightness of the sun ... Antarctica has survived
warm and cold events over millions of years. A merger is not easy
a realistic scenario in the near future, "said Carter.

Gore says in the film, since 1970 there was a steep
drop-off in the quantity and the size and thickness of Arctic ice cap. "
This is misleading, according to Ball: "The survey that Gore cites was
a transect of the Arctic basin in the month
In October 1960, when we were in the middle of the cooling system
Period. In the year 1990 is done in the warmer months of September,
with a completely different technology. "

A document in 2003 from the University of Alaska professor Igor published
Polyakov shows that the Arctic, where temperature increases
supposedly endangering polar bears showed fluctuations since 1940 but
no global warming.

Dr. Wibjorn Karlen, emeritus professor, Department of Physical Geography
And Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University, Sweden - "For a number of
published documents is a decline in the last 50 years "

Carter added: "What Gore's view of the world
Warming ... In addition to the northwest in the areas of the mass cooling
Cooling are in North and South Pacific, all of
Valley of the Amazon, on the north coast of South America and the Caribbean;
Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea, Caucasus and Red Sea, New
New Zealand and even the Ganges Valley in India. ... "

"Gore's point that 200 cities and towns in the American West all the time to
High temperature records is also misleading, "says Carter.
Dr. Roy Spencer, Principal Research Scientist at the University of
Huntsville, Alabama - "There are for some locations, the unusual
Thousands of towns and villages in the United States, has broken all records, "said
says. "The facts also show that the temperatures in the past
U.S. were not unusual. "

Carter added: "He [Gore] is an embarrassment to U.S. science and its
many good doctors, many of whom know (but I do not feel
publicly) that his propaganda crusade is mainly due to junk science. "
How is this criticism? Hollywood, the film has an Oscar
Best Documentary - that speaks volumes to me - and Gore
was nominated for the Nobel Prize in October for its wide
efforts to attract the attention of the world to the dangers of global warming.

Deception is everywhere at all times.

As others have said, follow the money and those who
Cult to find out what really happened. Or Gore
Concept of "carbon offsets, which it would be the richest man in town
(By the way, he has made a firm * credits to buy
to help us in all our carbon footprint - a concept to reduce
to pay, make sure that we are used to license fees for the use of fossil fuels), or a proposal
CO2 tax would not solve a problem to reduce emissions
also shown that there is someone who elbows her money machine
This disaster required.

* The supplier offset invested his money in planting trees and projects
similar projects, the position of the environmental impact assessment under
Their emissions - cars, commercial air transport. One-off by an acquired
Non-profit organization for the conservation of the forest in the northwest, or carry
could with the restoration of the rainforest in Ecuador to help. This does not apply
It is literally a tree in the rainforest of Ecuador with your name
on. Unfortunately, customers do not get to decide how their donations
distributed. A possible place to go where your money because
Thus the project aims to reduce CO2 emissions at truck stops
would be that the driver to close in their trucks at night, rather than

Be still and know that I am God

Environmentalists say that we do not continue to spew CO2 into the air. I agree
We are the best guardians of the planet that God has given us.
But I've also read that more air comes out of the kitchen
Chinese villages and burn the gas has left the company in the world that the animals
our cars and factories. Seriously!

The answer skeptical that the world is doomed. Such talk instills fear
People and the fear is the belief in the devil. As Christians, our faith FEEL
to be in God

Be anxious for nothing!

Fear not, the Lord is with you!

Extreme positions on both sides of the aisle are none of us have ever heard
About this issue. It seems to me that there is always something
We can all do more. But I can live healthier lives
People is known to eat well, exercise and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, but
I was hit by a truck of beer at any time. We have also
Care of this beautiful country, but when we had our race, our race over.
Heaven and earth will pass away, but the word of God will never
Jesus said. The prophecy is fulfilled. Things get worse before

Meanwhile, we, the church, have a great command
keep us busy. We will not change, debating this world through lobbying,
make propaganda films, with brief showers or carpool. Namely,
After all, that Jesus presents to do.

I love this planet. I really am, but we want to be sure to worship the Creator and
Not only was his creation.

Chinese Global Exploration

There is ample evidence emerging that the Chinese launched a national effort to map the globe in its entirety during the fifteenth century. These maps in some form or the other found their way back to Europe and provide a basis for European efforts to do the same. Thus a lot of information was mapped that could not be explained away through accidental European voyaging.

Here we have more on one of those Chinese maps.

We have evidence that trade and colonies were established on the West Coast of the Americas. This include with the Maya, California and recently the Charlottes. Other locales have likely remained hidden.

We know when it all ended. We do not really know how long the process was undertaken. The expedition of Zhang He was far too great to be a sudden roll of the dice. It was more the last throw of possibly centuries of private marine enterprise. That last expedition was both following known pathways but picking specific locales to study when stepping out.

They also were prepped to establish several colonies along the way.

It is up to archeology now that we have a good working hypothesis.

Nailing their colors to the mast
By Mike Peters (China Daily)

Updated: 2010-07-09 09:35

World Map in Book 5 - Dr Hendon M Harris, Jr Collection, from The
Asiatic Fathers of America.

The treasure trove of seafaring knowledge amassed by the Chinese over the centuries is at the heart of a debate over the extent of their ancient voyages, Mike Peters reports

A bright-eyed, middle-aged woman from the state of Virginia, United States, sits waiting for her next interview in a Lido-area hotel lobby. She's a retired social worker, a no-nonsense lady who speaks quietly and deliberately. But she is in town to help answer the question: Did medieval Chinese navigators reach the Americas years before Christopher Columbus? Just a few years ago, Charlotte Harris Rees started thinking that her late father might have held the key to one of history's great mysteries.

"Few people expect ever to own documents that could change world history," Harris writes in her 2008 book, Secret Maps of the Ancient World, "and neither did we. Yet for decades, under my brother's bed, lay ancient Asian maps that we, our father's seven children, inherited from him. Some believe that they may contain a secret of the ancient world."

That possibility brought Rees to Asia this month for two weeks of conferences and speeches. Her first stop focused on Zheng He (1371-1435), the 15th-century Chinese admiral who was dispatched by Emperor Zhu Di to "proceed all the way to the end of the Earth".

An international conference this week in Malaka, Malaysia - a seafarer's crossroads for centuries that was an important base for Zheng He - explored questions about Africa. Zheng certainly got there, but exactly where and the extent of his fleet's settlements and activities have engaged curious scholars for centuries.

The question that excites Rees, however, is whether Zheng He - and perhaps his Chinese predecessors - sailed to America as well.

Academics have batted around that idea for centuries, but it wasn't until Gavin Menzies published his bestselling book, 1421: The Year China Discovered the World, eight years ago that the debate became an international firestorm. One of the sparks landed on Rees, who read 1421 with amazement and realized that the author was trying to connect the same dots her father had followed in his research.

"When I was a social worker straight out of college, many of my clients in Oklahoma were American Indians who looked very Asian to me," she says today. "But the idea of Chinese coming to America 4,200 years ago in boats sounded pretty far-fetched then."

But her father, Hendon M Harris Jr, a child of Christian missionaries who worked in several regions of China, was fascinated by the possibility. He picked up references to ancient Chinese navigators from several sources, including the ancient classic Shan Hai Jing (Collection of the Mountains and Seas), said to have been written in 2,200 BC and quoted in Chinese history and literature ever since.

The Shan Hai Jing tells of Chinese travel to the four corners of the earth, says Rees, "including a beautiful land to the east of China named Fu Sang."

Then one day in 1972, Harris was browsing in an antique shop in Shouth Korea, looking for gifts to take home to his family in the United States. He was examining the wares on display when the shopkeeper said, "I have a map in the back. Would you like to see that?"

"Father wasn't really into collecting maps - not then! - but he said, 'Yes,'" the daughter says. And when the map was spread out, as he recounted to his children years later, "he had to sit down because he felt himself shaking all over".

What Harris saw was a world map block-printed in an ancient Shang (16th century to 11th century BC) Chinese style, with China at the center and a circular continent looping around the edges of the page. He immediately related this to the Fu Sang of the Shan Hai Jing. In subsequent years Harris found copies of similar maps in the collections of museums and universities.

However, opinion is divided over the identity of Fu Sang, many believe it refers to somewhere in America; while others claim it is more likely to be Japan.

A year later, Harris wrote The Asiatic Fathers of America: Chinese Discovery and Colonization of Ancient America. It got some notice in academic circles, but it was never the pop-culture phenomenon of 1421, though its premise was much more controversial.

For while Menzies' book credits the voyages of Zheng He and the admirals under him with the discovery of the world beyond China, Harris argues that Zheng He set sail with maps made from information acquired hundreds, even thousands of years earlier.

Charlotte Harris Rees finds that argument persuasive. Her speech in Malaka this week was titled Zheng He's Inheritance, and she told her audience that "starting a study of Chinese sea travel with Zheng He is like beginning a study of space travel with a trip to Mars".

Chinese seafaring was refined over centuries, she believes. "Zheng He could not have been as successful as he was, without the treasure trove of knowledge and invention amassed by the Chinese over many years of sea travel."

An illustration from the July 2005 issue of National Geographic compares Zheng He's largest ships to European vessels of the same era. The article contends that the Chinese admiral's fleet contained up to 62 baochuan, or treasure ships, that measured 122 m by 52 m.

"You could fit all of Columbus' ships and all of Vasco da Gama's on a single deck of a ship that size," Rees says in awe. Rees talks about her father's research today with the passion of a religious convert. She talks of ancient Chinese shipwrecks off the US Pacific coast. Of maps Columbus and Magellan are said to have used on their voyages. Of DNA testing on Native Americans, with undisputed links to ancient Chinese.

So is she convinced that Chinese adventurers, not Columbus, "discovered America"?

"I don't pretend to know the answers," she says, smiling. "But as we find more and more evidence, I think we have to keep trying to put it together until we do know."

Q: Why are the ideas in your book so controversial?

A: It's not easy to rewrite history. I'm not a PhD, and if I were to pursue a PhD, I'd need university and academic mentors who supported the research. Most experts on the discovery of America have invested their lives and careers documenting a different view, a Eurocentric view.

It wasn't always that way, though. I have seen copies of US history textbooks from around 1905, which say that the Chinese have been in America for at least 1,000 years. So this isn't a new idea. But by around 1910 there were new academic pressures, and then came the Columbus Day national holiday. After that, school kids in the US stopped hearing about Chinese coming to America.

Q: It seems that a lot of Chinese scholars are as reluctant to embrace the idea as US scholars are. Why?

A: There is immense interest here. But it can't be proved, especially with Chinese documents, because, soon after the voyages of Zheng He, there was a tremendous reaction against these outside adventures and the strain such shipbuilding put on the country's economy. Ships, maps, records were all destroyed and China became an inward-looking society for centuries. That's why it's easier to find ancient maps that tell the story in Korea, where they were not destroyed by government order, than it is in China.

Q: The US Library of Congress recently exhibited a famous map made by Matteo Ricci, the Italian Jesuit, which the Library said was the first known map of the Americas with Chinese inscriptions. You challenged that publicly.

A: It was a surprising thing for the Library of Congress to say. Many people doing research in this area have seen older maps of the Americas with Chinese writing. One of them is in the Library of Congress' own collection, though they have yet to validate or disprove its age.

Q. Is this about ethnic bias?

A: Well, it's true that many Western scholars are invested in the history of the European discovery of America. But it may be a matter of money, too. In May 2003, the Library of Congress completed their purchase of the Waldseemuller Map of the world for $10 million. Five million came from Congress and the other $5 million from donors. According to their 2003 press release that map was the "first image of the outline of the continents of the world as we know them today - Martin Waldseemuller's monumental 1507 map". That indeed is a beautiful map. However, if the Library of Congress now, only seven years later, admits that any other map that shows the American continents predates the Waldseemuller, then perhaps Congress and the donors who helped purchase the Waldseemuller will complain their money was misspent.

Many scholars contend that since the Waldseemuller and other European maps showed the Pacific Coast of the Americas before Europeans had been there, that they had to be copied from earlier maps.

Q: People who read your book, your father's book and Gavin Menzies' book can easily be overwhelmed by all of the evidence you cite. But critics contend most of it is circumstantial. Of everything you've seen and learned about, what has been the most convincing evidence for you?

A: DNA evidence, which is quite recent. We've known for a long time that the "Chinese blue spot", which appears on the buttocks of babies and then disappears, is also seen at birth in many Native American communities. Now we know that five distinct genetic markers match ancient Chinese with modern Native Americans. That's evidence that you can take to court and win.